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  • Chiropractic for Mrs. Arkansas Drea Poteete

    “Dr. Clay Gross is the only Chiropractor that I use.” We would like to wish Drea the best on her journey to the Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas this week. She is a wonderful person inside and out and would represent Mrs. America the absolute best.

  • Cabot High School athletes use Grace Chiropractic

    In fact according to the ACA “Experts estimate that 90 percent of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care to prevent injuries and increase their performance potential.  All National Football League (NFL) teams rely on DCs in varying capacities, and 77 percent of athletic trainers have referred players to a chiropractor for evaluation or treatment.” We Read More

  • Who goes to Grace Chiropractic Center

    Grace Chiropractic Center is a family practice that sees infants, children and adults. Who is the typical patient at our office?  Mostly young adults that are active in sports, hobbies and physical activities such as Cabot high school students that play sports-track, trap shooting team, volley ball, football, baseball. School teachers, policemen, firemen, EMT’s, Pharmacist, Read More

  • Make time for yourself

    Do you ever just let somethings go on for awhile before taking care of them? Your health shouldn’t be one of them. With summer sports, travel, vacations, kids, school events, yard work, house work, and our jobs it’s easy to put yourself last. Check your priority list occasionally. If you notice at the beginning or Read More

  • Don't let Spring cause you to feel old

    It happens every Spring, the warming weather and sun shine gives us green grass, weeds and new ideas of what to plant in our yards. There are so many things we need to do this time of year with our yard, home improvements and sports starting up, our bodies have probably been less active during Read More

  • Central Arkansas Chiropractor Grace Chiropractic

    Welcome to Grace Chiropractic Center, Central Arkansas’s Chiropractor. We believe that everyone can benefit from increased mobility, flexibility and improved function. We want to help improve the ease of movement, strength, reduce stress and allow you to participate in the activities that you want to. Let us help you reach your potential by examining your Read More

  • Grace Chiropractic welcomes Little Rock Air Force Base Personnel

    Grace Chiropractic has begun seeing a large number of military personnel from central Arkansas. The issues these service members encounter vary from in severity, acute and chronic conditions from strains/sprains, headaches, neck/back pain, arms/leg pain. We treat each person as an individual with individual needs and concerns. Many times we treat their entire family with Read More

  • Couple tries to conceive for years

    A wonderful true story of a great couple that have tried to become pregnant for a number of years without any results. This young healthy couple came to our office asking questions and explaining that they have read stories about how chiropractic treatments have helped other couples to get pregnant and wanted to know if Read More

  • Grace Chiropractic Center Treats Head to Foot

    Just in this past week we have had new patients ranging from 3 months old to amateur body builders. So, what could such a wide range of patients have in common?  Bio-mechanics.  Kids run, play, fall down, play sports and at some point may have heavy back packs to carry. They also tend to slouch, Read More

  •   We post new information, pictures, educational data, new items on our facebook page several times a week. This gives the public a glimpse of everyday life inside our office. The people we treat are like family to us and want to be encouraging and supportive of their careers/hobbies and life events. Our office participates Read More