Grace Chiropractic Center Treats Head to Foot

Just in this past week we have had new patients ranging from 3 months old to amateur body builders. So, what could such a wide range of patients have in common?  Bio-mechanics.  Kids run, play, fall down, play sports and at some point may have heavy back packs to carry. They also tend to slouch, slump and do not always notice how they hold themselves. Gym guys normally do pay attention to how they perform, look and feel, however they are performing repetitive stressful maneuvers. With one side becoming better or worse at some activities while working out, or developing problems with muscle, tendon, ligaments or joints. Our bodies do a great job at accommodating to how we use our bodies, but some of these accommodations are working against us. For instance, the balance between the quads and hamstrings or biceps vs triceps and the right side as compared to the left side. These imbalances cause other problems such as the tilt of the pelvis, one hip rotates more/less than the other side. We examine each person based on how they currently are and how they could function more efficiently.

Kids tend to respond quickly to small changes and adjustments quicker than adults do. Their musculoskeletal system is easily influenced and changes are normally well accepted in how they look, feel and perform in daily activities. Adults can have these changes as well once they are aware of what they are doing wrong or understand what trait they are developing and how to identify it early and begin corrective measures.  We grow, mature and develop in a way that is dependent on how we function. An example of this is: If you sit each day at your desk with your head turned to the right to view your computer screen, and do this 6 hours a day for 5 years, you are going to effect the alignment of your cervical spine. Some other daily routines that change our bio mechanics are: stomach sleeping, looking down at lap tops for hours everyday, one sided repetitive activities- sitting on one foot tucked under you the same way every time. Some careers that lend themselves to repetitive activities are: hair stylist, dentist, teachers, police officers, factory workers, truck drivers and desk jobs (sitting at a computer all day).

Gaining weight or pregnancy adds pressure to our joints, spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. It also increases the stress/pressure/tension to the small, thin, connective tissue on the bottom of our feet called the plantar fascia. When this tissue becomes irritated it’s called plantar fasciitis.

Grace chiropractic identifies, examines, treats and educates patients on not only the cause of pain but the way they function. Making patients aware of  how they work helps prevent injuries, avoid problems in the future and makes daily activities better.


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