Highest rated Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas-Grace Chiropractic Center Dr. Clay Gross

Welcome to Grace Chiropractic Center, the highest rated Chiropractor in Cabot.

We are honored to be rated so well in our home town. Dr. Clay Gross has been a Chiropractor since 2001 and has spent time with some of the most well respected doctors in their own field. Dr. Clay has traveled numerous times to New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas to increase his education of helping people with their injuries. Our goal is not to become the biggest office in town, but to be the best. We do this by spending time listening to the person explain their conditions to us. We use that information to perform the correct examination and explain how we can help. Taking the time to discuss how the injury affects how we work is important in recovery and preventing future problems.

We communicate by way of social media, phone/fax, consultations and invite the spouse, or parents to be present for the exam and report of findings. Sometimes patients are a little nervous on their first office visit b/c they don’t know what to expect. It usually only takes a few mins. to discover that they are right at home at Grace Chiropractic.

Dr. Clay does everything he can to provide the quickest results and taking into consideration the patients time and cost of treatments. We work to help people get better faster. Normally our treatment plans are short and results are evaluated each visit. Sometimes offices that only use insurance only provide treatments that the insurance company control, hence treating you like a insurance claim.  We strife to treat each person as a individual and provide the correct care no matter who is paying for it.


Some offices treat 2, 3, or 4 people at the same time and are allowed to bill the insurance companies for individual treatments. We do not do this at our office. This office treats patients one on one for the entire office visit. We focus on you during your treatment. We want to provide the best care possible and feel that we can only do that one on one. Our patient’s are our greatest asset, they drive us  to be better, work harder and reach their goals. Thank you Cabot for making us better and our patients are the best.~ Dr. Clay Gross


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