#1 Treatment for Neck and Back Pain- Grace Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic treatment for neck and back pain is recommended by many top healthcare providers. Medical journals even recommend non-surgical treatments before using opioids or surgery for neck and back pain. Grace Chiropractic Center is #1 online rated chiropractor for Cabot Arkansas. Medical doctors, nurses, massage therapist, and even physical therapist  use our office and refer patients to us from their clinics. The #1 treatment for neck and back pain can be spinal manipulation, chiropractic therapies, imaging-X-ray, MRI, chiropractic rehab, stretching/strengthening.

Chiropractors are the best trained in physical medicine, manipulation, performing and reading X-ray imaging for our patients. No other healthcare provider has the extensive training in performing imaging, therapies/modalities/manipulation/anatomy and physiology. Chiropractors have over 5000 credit hours of training in these disciplines.

The use of narcotics for pain control and treatment of neck and back pain has been  a complete disaster as described by the medical community. Over use, abuse and ineffective at treating mechanical pain has driven people to look for a prevention-cure-relief-active treatment of neck and back pain. Chiropractic treatments fit that niche. Our patients are our greatest asset, to drive us to be the best and most effective treatment they have ever had.

With time many other “healthcare providers” have realized the benefit of chiropractic and have began to develop their own version of manipulation because millions of chiropractic patients, can’t be wrong. Chiropractors have the highest patient satisfaction rate over every other healthcare provider in America.

There are neck  and back pain centers, pill/pain centers, antiquated therapies, urgent care facilities that continue to treat each patient the same and the last patient, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Dr. Clay believes that each person is different and unique and requires individual treatments for their specific condition. The evaluation of structure, testing function and applying effective treatments is one of the ways Dr. Clay treats his patients.


Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.

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