Slip-Disc Ministries and Grace Chiropractic Center

11297834103_9d21d4f010_zYour spine is not the only thing that can get out of place, sometimes our soul can also have interference and misalignment to. If our posture is a reflection of how well we work, then what we value is a reflection of who we are. Thank goodness none us get what we deserve as creations of God, in His image, knowing us before we knew ourselves. In a age of everyone searching for something to “make them happy”, there is only thing that is lasting. The Word of God. Slip disc Ministries is a local company that provides the plan of salvation and the Word of God in many different languages to people all over the world that might not ever have the opportunity to hear about God’s Word. Below are some pictures from some of the countries the disc have been taken to. Zambia, Rwanda, Poltava Ukraine, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador

This ministry exists to help the Christian community to intentionally and creatively share the Gospel in Leisure settings. We desire to help students share the Gospel by providing a high quality resource, “The Slip Disc” that can be used in a non-confrontational way to point people to Christ.

11195504103_d8e3c625f7If you would like to be apart of spreading God’s word go to:    or call 800-438-1026







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