Motion is life, Chiropractic helps

They say use it or lose it and that maybe more true than you know. The body does a pretty good job of taking care of the many functions it has to maintain each second of the day. Some of those functions are directly related by how much we move. As an example lymphatic fluid requires muscle contraction and motion in order to circulate it around our lymphatic system which helps clean our bodies. Our blood also pumps faster and harder when we move around which helps oxygenate our cells, provides nutrients to each cell and carries away waste products. Every joint in our body must be moved around in order to maintain the health of the cartilage and joint surfaces. Your spine is a series of joints stacked on top of each other and need to be able to move freely and each joint must do it’s part.

Joints that are not working correctly don’t have to cause pain at that time, in fact they can remain partially misaligned for years and your body tries to accommodate this dysfunction.   Remember pain is the last effect that occurs while the dysfunction is the first thing that happens. Which came first the pain or the problem?    The problem is always first.  Our office examines not only spinal joints but the symmetry of the entire body.  Give us a call and see how we can help you.


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