These are a few of the products we provide at Grace Chiropractic Center.


Jeanie Rub massager may be the greatest soft tissue tool that can be used at home to reduce stress, muscle tension and sore/achy muscles.


Biofreeze- Gel, Roll on, Spray, Sombra, Cryoderm, Rock Sauce Hot & Cold are powerful topical treatments for sore achy muscles as well as pain.



Foot Levelers Custom made Orthotics are made from a cast of your feet that only takes a few mins. These orthotics are specially made to fit your foot and provide support in all three arches of your feet. We make custom orthotics and sell athletic shoes by Brooks to dress shoes and adjustable sandals.


These have helped patients with foot pain, ankle pain and even knee pain as it supports the foot/ankle and holds your feet level correcting inversion and eversion/pronation problems.


TENS Units are great for muscle pain/injuries for home use and during the day. We provide the pads that are used with TENS units.


Therapy Ball is used to perform a number of stretches and exercises to lengthen/strengthen the spine, hips, pelvis, arms, and legs.BiofreezeII


Thera-band resistance bands are used for light to moderate resistance for strengthening weak areas of the upper and lower body.



Ice packs/hot packs are ideal for reducing swelling and inflammation at home and work.


Chiroflow Premium Waterbase Pillows Therapeutica Cervical support and Latex pillows these provide neck support while sleeping and allow proper cervical alignment each night.

Our latex cervical pillows are adjustable for height and density.

Organic cotton and latex contour pillows.







Home Traction units Theratech, Chirotrach and Trac-collar are a few of the Cervical traction devices we use in office and for home use.


Braces/Supports S.I. Belts Muller support products offer some of the very best in braces and supports for sports and home use.



Kinesio tape Spider Tech, Rock tape We provide these soft tissue supports and educate patients on their use.





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