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Each person is different and their problems are unique to them.  On your initial visit, Dr. Clay will sit down with you and listen to what problems your having. He will go over your medical history, medications/surgeries, past trauma. After the examination the doctor will discuss possible causes, treatment options and a plan to help reach your goals. In most cases treatments will begin following the report of findings. Some patients have numerous issues they are dealing with such as: headaches, neck pain, shoulder/hip pain and sciatica. We see many patients that have been in auto accidents and suffer from acute and chronic symptoms that do not seem to be getting better on their own. Car accidents are a major cause of strains and sprains of the spine and back muscles. Our office provides treatment and rehab for these conditions and also co-treat patients that require neurological consultation.  Our office is known for performing as much treatment during each office visit as possible. It is not uncommon for patients to state that ” Grace Chiropractic Center does more for their patients than anyone else. Our typical treatment plans are short and intense with physiotherapy, chiropractic and rehabilitative therapies. Dr. Clay performs many physical hands on modalities for each patient. It certainly appears from what patients say, that they become better faster than they did at other locations.  It is our goal to become the number one chiropractor in central Arkansas, and we are on our way. Not everyone is able to function at 100%, but we may be able increase your highest potential and reduce your pain. Goals for our patient’s range from resolving their pain/injury, improving athletic performance, dealing with physical stresses at work/home, auto accidents and routine maintenance care.  Some of the more common conditions we see in patients are: auto accidents, headaches, strains/sprains, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, neck and back pain, hips/shoulders and foot pain.








Chiropractic is unique


Chiropractic is unique because it is a discipline that promotes preventative care!


Maintaining spinal alignment and having your biomechanics evaluated can prevent certain issues from becoming worse and cause pain in the future.


Chiropractic is the practice of treating musculoskeletal problems. Chiropractors use physical means to affect the body’s biomechanics (how we move and function). Our joints, muscles, ligaments and spine can affect the nervous system and like wise the nervous system can affect each of these structures and more.


Some people don’t realize that the health of their spine can affect everything in the body. The spinal cord and the nerves from it communicate to every joint, muscle, organ, cell and bodily function. It’s the way your brain tells the body what to do, when to do it and how. When this communication is disturbed the job doesn’t get done as well.













When your nervous system and biomechanics are working at a little less than 100% do you have pain? Probably not. When it works at 70% does it cause pain or problems? For some people it may produce pain for others maybe not. The truth is that some people may never be able to function at 100%, it’s just the way they were created. The good news is that most people can function at a high level when everything is working well together and they are educated about it. The nervous system is the master system because nothing works without it.


Life style is a major part of how well we work each day. Some of these include, hydration, proper rest, exercise/stretching, stress reduction, diet, repetitive activities and habits. If any of the joints in your body and spine are out of alignment your body begins to compensate in someway. Being aware with how well your body functions is the first step. Chiropractic is about correlating all of these areas together.


Pain is simply a signal that something is not working correctly. Pain never shows up before the problem does.


Do something today to promote a healthy lifestyle. Visit your Chiropractor.


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