Couple tries to conceive for years

A wonderful true story of a great couple that have tried to become pregnant for a number of years without any results. This young healthy couple came to our office asking questions and explaining that they have read stories about how chiropractic treatments have helped other couples to get pregnant and wanted to know if I was willing to help them.  I explained to them that many things have to happen just right and at the right time in order to conceive.  Because there are many processes working together to allow pregnancy to happen, there are any number of reasons why someone may not get pregnant. If the cause is due to lack of stimulation in the nervous system to those areas, then we might be able to help. I agreed to treat the wife for a number of weeks avg. about once per week. The wife did not have any particular issues of pain or discomfort, no radiation of any symptoms and appeared to be the picture of health. We performed a number of small adjustments to the upper spine, lower spine, hips and mid back. The patient performed floor stretches, we discussed proper breathing techniques, stress reduction, posture and life style.

After the third treatment, the wife says that she didn’t think she had any problems until she compared how she feels now. ” I thought I felt fine, but now I feel great. I notice how much better I sleep and move easier.”  A few weeks past and on the 5 office visit the wife comes into our office and said, ” I”M PREGNANT!” She had gone to her medical doctor and was checked out. “She said that she had become pregnant during the first week or two of our chiropractic treatments.”   The couple was so happy they used chiropractic and wished they had much sooner.  I told them that we wouldn’t be seeing much of them anymore and she replied “I want to continue to be treated b/c it helps so many things.”

The wife still comes in to get adjusted from head to toe and couldn’t be happier about it.   I certainly can’t say that chiropractic can enable pregnancy in every case but it definitely has worked for a number of our patients this past year.

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