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What makes our office different? Educating people about how the body works, functions, heals and becomes injuried in order to prevent new problems and start becoming stronger than you were.


Our office takes the time to explain all aspects of your condition, pain and function. We produce pictures, handouts, information and an explanation of what is going on for each patient.


Grace Chiropractic utilizes an array of modern techniques and proven therapies. Our office also co-treats many patients with other medical doctors and clinics. We work to resolve your health concerns with a progressive treatment plan. As your condition progresses your treatment plan may need to change as well. Dr. Gross understands that one technique or therapy doesn’t work for everyone. We have listed some of the services below.





Our examination process will help determine the source of the problem. The patients history can also help define the cause of the problem. The goal of our treatment program is to make you better than you were prior to your injury/condition.


There are many different levels of examinations ranging from a simple consultation to detailed orthopedic testing, neurological, biomechanical, extremity, cranial nerve tests, pelvic, hip, shoulder and spinal examinations. We perform school physicals and adult physicals.




Chiropractic Care


We offer many different Chiropractic techniques to meet the needs of the young and the not so young. Some of these involve only the doctor’s hands; others may include special tables and adjusting tools. The doctor will begin with the most appropriate technique to suit your age, condition and problem.




Spinal Screening


A lot can be determined from a posture screening. Dr. Gross has been asked to participate in various community health fairs in and around central Arkansas the past few years. Results of postural screenings can indicate asymmetry, spinal abnormality, muscular imbalance and spinal stress. In many cases when these are found early, something can be done about it. It’s important to have yourself and children examined by a Chiropractor. If it is good enough for you, then it is certainly good enough for your children.


Corrective Exercises


Corrective exercise and stretches are an important factor in correcting and preventing acute/chronic problems that patients present with. This is more than just working some core muscles. We help identify the specific tissues involved and educate the patient with how to correct the problem and prevent further injury.


Every joint includes components of these three parts, including the spine.


  1. Ligaments- hold bones together.
  2. Muscles- move bones.
  3. Joints- allow a specific motion.
  4. Nerves- transmit messages to and from the brain.


If anyone of these components is not functioning correctly there is a limitation of function. This may or may not result in pain. Small abnormalities can develop into larger problems in the future. Each patient is given specific activities to perform and to avoid, according to their problem.











Physiotherapy, Rehab, Physical Medicine – Cabot, Arkansas




1. To restore to a former capacity.


2. To restore or bring to a condition of health or useful and constructive activity.


This is what rehabilitation means at Grace Chiropractic Center. Our office focuses on treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions involving muscles, ligaments, joints and tendon problems.


Our therapy department has many beneficial modalities and procedures for all types of patients.


Some of these are:

  • Ultrasound
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Cold Laser Therapy- used for muscle and arthritis pain
  • Traction
  • Resistance Rehab- Strengthening/Endurance Training
  • Balance Training
  • Flexibility Training Equipment
  • Therapy Resistance Equipment/Weights/Bands/Swiss Therapy Ball
  • Vectra Genisys Equipment
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatments
  • Hip Treatments
  • Runners Knee Treatments
  • Gait analysis
  • Expecting Mothers


These therapies are explained in detail, shown and performed to help patients understand. Often our patients ask for a massage therapist and we recommend Shalees Day Spa here in Cabot.


Auto accident injuries- Grace Chiropractic Center Cabot, Arkansas 

Grace Chiropractic Center treats auto accidents and injuries in Cabot Arkansas. Motor vehicle accidents often cause spinal strains/sprains to shoulders, neck, back, and hands. Even a low speed car accident causes your body to go through tremendous acceleration- deceleration forces that over stretch, over stress soft tissues and cause misalignment  to the   spine and ligament, tendon, muscle problems. If you have been in a car accident in Cabot or Central Arkansas see Grace Chiropractic Center for a no charge consultation. We will bill the insurance/attorney and take care of you.





Custom made Orthotics















Our custom orthotics are made specifically for each individual. These are used to correct flat feet, pronation (foot turning inward), knee pain, hip pain and plantar fasciitis. We have them for dress shoes, running shoes, golfing and work boots. There are 3 arches in your feet that are measured and fitted to support. Most other orthotics supports only support one arch and are made of a hard plastic that many people find difficult to wear for very long. Foot levelers are semi- rigid and flex to your body weight while providing support and correction.





Lifestyle Advice


Many times the road to a healthy lifestyle involves doing the things that make you better and stop doing the things that make you worse. This is a simple concept but it is true.
Our goal in this area is to make you aware of how you do things and the effect it can have on your body. There are at least three types of stress.


Chemical Stress- anything you put into your mouth that is not food or water, your body considers it a toxin.


Physical Stress- Activity, Work, Manual Labor, Hobbies, Sports.
Emotional Stress- Work, Money, Relationships and family can all cause emotional stress.


We can’t eliminate these stressors but we can work on how we deal with them and find a way to better cope. How we compensate or adapt to stress is important. Stress is one of the few things that can affect all parts of our health. Stress can cause mental fatigue, heart/blood pressure problems, muscle tension, poor posture, depressed immune system and with time can change our personality.


This office will help to educate you and make you aware of these stressors so you can identify them early and find a better way to deal with them.


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