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  • Slip-Disc Ministries and Grace Chiropractic Center

    Your spine is not the only thing that can get out of place, sometimes our soul can also have interference and misalignment to. If our posture is a reflection of how well we work, then what we value is a reflection of who we are. Thank goodness none us get what we deserve as creations Read More

  • Conditions that require MRI or surgical consultation at Grace Chiropractic Center

    During the consultation at Grace Chiropractic Center, one of the goals is to determine if this patient is in the right place for their problem. Normally it is possible to take care of the problem at our office, other times we may co-treat a patient with another facility. Some patients have injuries or conditions that Read More

  • I.T. Band, Hip and Lateral Thigh Pain

    The iliotibial band is a tissue that runs from our hip down the outside of the leg to the knee. It’s attachment is from a group of muscles from the Glutes and hip to the outside of the knee and works as a helper or stabilizer. When this tissue becomes inflamed, over used, or injured Read More

  • Motion is life, Chiropractic helps

    They say use it or lose it and that maybe more true than you know. The body does a pretty good job of taking care of the many functions it has to maintain each second of the day. Some of those functions are directly related by how much we move. As an example lymphatic fluid Read More

  • What is early degenerative joint/disc disease? DJD DDD

    Early degenerative joint disease is when the normally smooth surfaces of a particular joint becomes sclerotic (thickened) rough, decreased joint space between bones. This causes less range of motion, less joint play and more resistance in the motion that the joint does have. Some of the tissue inside the joint capsule called synovium is a Read More

  • Good Posture/Think Better

    Body posture affects confidence in your own thoughts, study finds Ohio State University study: “Sitting up straight in your chair isn’t just good for your posture, it also gives you more confidence in your own thoughts, according to a new study.”(Oct.5,2009) “The results show how our body posture can affect not only what others think Read More

  • Grace Chiropractic Awesome Patient Page Of Winners

    Grace Chiropractic wants to help you reach YOUR goals of health, ability, function, competitive edge, prevention and injury recovery. Here are a few patients that we have helped toward their goal. Doug Duncan is a professional Bull Rider who is ranked near the top in the world.  Doug has had a number of significant injuries Read More

  • The Spinal Column

    The Spinal Column is about interesting topics and stories in our office.  I wanted a place where I could share what people have experienced with our office.  We hope that it will help in understanding what we do and how it affects the lives of people around us. Grace Chiropractic works with many athletes at Read More