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Grace Chiropractic wants to help you reach YOUR goals of health, ability, function, competitive edge, prevention and injury recovery. Here are a few patients that we have helped toward their goal. Doug Duncan is a professional Bull Rider who is ranked near the top in the world.  Doug has had a number of significant injuries during his career, but he trains smart, hard and gets adjusted. We worked with Doug to help in his training with advanced balance procedures, spine, shoulders and hip treatments.

Professional Athletes


Grace Chiropractic Winners!



Meet Shawn and Liz winners of the 2014 Arkansas State Body Building Championship. They both train, research the best techniques, and critique their strengthens and weaknesses. They live the lifestyle needed to perform at the highest level for their events. Symmetry, definition, mass, polished movements, posture and poses are what they are judged by. Grace Chiropractic was able to work they each of them to help perform at their best.


Arron was treated for shoulder and spinal issues to help him win 3rd place in the Arkansas State Trap Shoot.

Arron Murtishaw 001


This young lady is being treated to help perform in her gymnastics events. We see many track and field athletes that  sprint, run, jump, and place repetitive stress to their bodies.


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