Cabot Neck and Back Pain-Cabot, Arkansas

Cabot neck and back pain treatments at Grace Chiropractic Center are effective. What makes our office different is that we work for our patients. The people that use our office are not here for us, we are here for them. We try to schedule around their work, we make treatment plans that fit into their timeframe, and make it affordable. The neck and back pain treatments are discounted for police, military, firemen and military spouses.

Neck and back pain are signs that something is wrong. Taking pain medications may cover up the pain but have little effect on the underlying condition. Muscle relaxers are more like sedatives than actually able to relax muscles.

Dr. Clay is great at explaining the correlation between symptoms and a patient’s condition. One of our military patients said that after he had been treated a few times he was able to complete his  PT test  much faster than he has ever completed it. Neck and back pain are some of the more common symptoms that we treat day in and day out. Probably the second most common symptom we treat would be sciatica.

I feel like it is important that every patient understands any connection between their life style and their condition or injury. This can be done with x-rays, posture analysis, physical examination and a medical history. Being a visual person myself, we use diagrams, models and the results of the orthopedic examination to communicate the relationship of function and injury.

One of our goals is to give each patient our complete focus and attention during their office visit. Some patients take longer to treat than others and we schedule appointments based on this concept. This helps keep patients from waiting to long in the waiting room. Each person is a individual and their treatment plan designed for each person.

Every aspect of your visit to our office has been thought out and designed to effectively identify your problem, address each condition and setup a plan to resolve their symptoms. Our office redesign includes new reception chairs, additional treatment tables and a new extra large therapy table, bose sound system and transitioning to touch screen chart notes. If you are new to the Cabot area we would like to be your chiropractor. Grace Chiropractic supports the Combat Veterans Association, sponsors fitness models and several body builders. If you have any questions you are invited to schedule a consultation with Dr. Clay, to discuss your condition and symptoms. To read more about our office follow us at our facebook page.

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