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  • Grace Chiropractic welcomes Little Rock Air Force Base Personnel

    Grace Chiropractic has begun seeing a large number of military personnel from central Arkansas. The issues these service members encounter vary from in severity, acute and chronic conditions from strains/sprains, headaches, neck/back pain, arms/leg pain. We treat each person as an individual with individual needs and concerns. Many times we treat their entire family with Read More

  • Couple tries to conceive for years

    A wonderful true story of a great couple that have tried to become pregnant for a number of years without any results. This young healthy couple came to our office asking questions and explaining that they have read stories about how chiropractic treatments have helped other couples to get pregnant and wanted to know if Read More

  • Grace Chiropractic Center Treats Head to Foot

    Just in this past week we have had new patients ranging from 3 months old to amateur body builders. So, what could such a wide range of patients have in common?  Bio-mechanics.  Kids run, play, fall down, play sports and at some point may have heavy back packs to carry. They also tend to slouch, Read More

  • www.facebook.com/cabotchiropractor

    www.facebook.com/cabotchiropractor   We post new information, pictures, educational data, new items on our facebook page several times a week. This gives the public a glimpse of everyday life inside our office. The people we treat are like family to us and want to be encouraging and supportive of their careers/hobbies and life events. Our office participates Read More

  • Look at who goes to Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot

    A glimpse into our office and the awesome people that come to Grace Chiropractic Center. This is our first youtube video with many more to come. We work with and treat professional athletes, infants, toddlers, jr high/high school athletes, teachers, police officers, military personnel, ladies during their entire pregnancy, RN’s ,nurse practitioners, pharmacist, physical therapist, Read More

  • Happy people are Healthier People at Grace Chiropractic

    A new study just released states that people that are generally positive and optimistic are more healthy than those that are not. It goes on to say that these “positive” people are happy even when they don’t have a particular reason to be and they have much fewer health issues throughout their life. It’s funny Read More

  • Therapy Ball Traction Device at Grace Chiropractic Center

    The simple therapy ball is a great way to stretch, strengthen and add flexibility to not only the spine but also the hips, thighs, shoulders and pelvis. We  incorporate a  number of these activities with each treatment depending on the area of concern. The big ball as it’s known, is a great tool because it’s Read More

  • Slip-Disc Ministries and Grace Chiropractic Center

    Your spine is not the only thing that can get out of place, sometimes our soul can also have interference and misalignment to. If our posture is a reflection of how well we work, then what we value is a reflection of who we are. Thank goodness none us get what we deserve as creations Read More

  • Conditions that require MRI or surgical consultation at Grace Chiropractic Center

    During the consultation at Grace Chiropractic Center, one of the goals is to determine if this patient is in the right place for their problem. Normally it is possible to take care of the problem at our office, other times we may co-treat a patient with another facility. Some patients have injuries or conditions that Read More

  • Products Available

    These are a few of the products we provide at Grace Chiropractic Center.    Jeanie Rub massager   may be the greatest soft tissue tool that can be used at home to reduce stress, muscle tension and sore/achy muscles. Biofreeze- Gel, Roll on, Spray, Sombra  and Cryoderm are powerful topical treatments for sore achy muscles Read More