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The Spinal Column is about interesting topics and stories in our office.  I wanted a place where I could share what people have experienced with our office.  We hope that it will help in understanding what we do and how it affects the lives of people around us.

Grace Chiropractic Winners!

Grace Chiropractic Winners!

Grace Chiropractic works with many athletes at all levels from jr. high to professional. Today I would like to highlight a couple that train, workout and compete together in bodybuilding competitions. Shawn and Liz are both dedicated and committed to training and hard work to achieve the results they are looking for. They have found that chiropractic can help with symmetry and flexibility. With the stressful training they do it’s important to not only to excel but to prevent injury as they pushing themselves significantly to grow and develop. Recently they both won 1st place in their class at the 2014 Arkansas State Bodybuilding Championship.

We have a lots of mothers that are going through their first pregnancy and some  their tenth pregnancy.  We treat them from early pregnancy to the day of their delivery. It is very safe and effective to be treated during pregnancy for several reasons. For one reason as the due date gets closer the woman’s body begins to have their ligaments relax and aids in moving joints easier. Also as the mother gains her weight she has to learn to move, bend and walk in a different manner than she is use to and can begin to cause hip pain, leg/foot pain, sciatica, etc. During treatment of a expecting mother there are no forceful twisting or jerking motions because it’s not needed. Pregnant women are some of the easiest to adjust. 6-2-2014  Dr. Clay   Babypic 002   cheer united 009 Grace Chiropractic Center does school physicals for students involved in: soccer, football, baseball and volley ball. We also treat college athletes in tract and field, professional athletes from bull riding to body building. Consult with us about what your goals are and let us help you reach them. There is no charge for the initial consultation.  Dr. Clay   501-941-3008   Not all Nerves are the Same. Some nerves (motor) cause muscles to contract and move. These send messages from the brain to the muscles, while sensory nerves send messages from different parts of the body back to the brain to be deciphered. Some of these sensory nerves are faster than others, for example sharp pain sensations use A delta fibers which are quick and can precisely locate where it is coming from for a short duration. Burning, sore, aching pain sensations are carried by C fibers which are some of the slowest nerves in the body. These nerve messages are more diffuse, slower onset and longer in duration. Every cell in your body has to have instructions given to them by a nerve supply or they don’t work correctly.   american chronic pain association Grace Chiropractic is a member of the American Chronic Pain Association. This organization helps people to learn to deal with pain in a positive way. The overuse of narcotics has been  disastrous, with causing more problems than helping. The fact is that some people have conditions that just don’t respond like we want them to. The American Chronic Pain Association is a self-help support group for people with pain. The contact person for this local chapter is Michelle Lippert  501-259-6069 The location is: The Journey   15361 Hwy 5, Cabot, AR

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