We want to be your Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas.

Grace Chiropractic Center’s goal is to help you function as good as you can. Weather you have been in a auto accident a work injury or have a chronic degenerative process going on we diagnosis, treat and provide physiotherapies to improve your function. It maybe a competitive sport your trying to improve at or just being able to handle your everyday routine, we can help. Pain is what normally brings people to a chiropractor and we do treat many people with degeneration, muscle/nerve and joint pain. Chiropractic is unique in that it works best when it’s performed as a preventative treatment.

In a general terms, the brain tells the body what to do based on when your body sends messages back to the brain. It does this by way of the nervous system. Important nerves send message very quickly and less important nerves travel more slowly. Pain nerves or C fibers are the slowest nerves in the body. One of the most important truths is ” Your body is self healing and self regulating”  If you cut your finger what can heal it? Nothing except YOU. Neosporin doesn’t heal the cuts on a dead body, and it doesn’t heal cuts on living bodies either. Also you are the only thing that can kill a virus. Chiropractic helps your innate ability to regulate itself.

It has been instilled in us as a nation that it’s o.k. to take a hand full of pills everyday until we die to make up for something lacking in us. Medications do one of two things, they speed up a process or slow down a process and sometimes that is the best choice you may have. However, for most people there maybe a better choice.

Almost everyday someone says to me I didn’t know I could feel this good again, I thought it was normal to hurt or be limited in what I can do. This is where chiropractic shines because it is the only discipline that promotes health, life style, preventative treatments.

Just as a growing tree is easier to help grow straight when it is young, it is also somewhat easier to help young patients to develop, mature and function as well as possible. When you turn 65 years old it’s a little harder to make changes that have been left in place for  50 years. I tell people degeneration is kind of like rust, it’s not painful or much of a problem when it begins early, but later in life there’s not as much you can do with it.

We welcome everyone to take advantage of our consultation where we listen to your complaints or goals and make recommendations as to how they can be addressed. We see many people that have already tried surgery, medications, physical therapy and now they want to see what we can do for them. My best advice is to see what can be done with chiropractic first. It is the least invasive, most cost effective and natural process to get to where your going.

Dr. Clay

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