Foot pain and the Three arches in your feet

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot deals with many foot conditions that are resolved by supporting the three arches in each foot. Each arch is connected to produce the plantar vault which allows the foot to perform the three phases of the gait cycle: heel strike, mid stance and toe off. If all three arches are not supported the problem affects other parts of your body. Over the counter orthotics only support 1/3 of the plantar vault. The ankle, knee and hip can be affected by unsupported arches, rolled “in” or rolled “out” foot position. Many times patients get use to the problems in there feet to only develop worse problems in the future. Dr. Clay uses stabilizing orthotics that are custom molded for your specific condition and foot type. These supportive orthotics also helps allow your foot to sit in a level position instead of tilting in or out. We consult with each patient to document their complaints and history of foot or knee problems in order to measure their success and rate of improvement. These orthotics are not hard plastic single arched cups nor are they the walmart floppy special foam padding. Foot leveler orthotics are designed to give with the patient’s body weight yet support the three arches and level the foot posture. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss what is available and the warranties. We have never had a single set of our custom orthotics returned ever.  See what Grace Chiropractic Center can do for you.Footlevelers..

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