Grace Chiropractic Treatment of Foot Pain



Plantar Fasciitis is just one of the common types of foot pain we treat at Grace Chiropractic Center. Plantar Fasciitis is nothing more than the tissue on the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed and causes pain. There are a number of causes to plantar fasciitis, some of the more common causes are: weight gain, pregnancy, lack of foot support, runners, standing on concrete and over use.  It’s normally worse in the morning when getting out of bed and may ease up after you have walked around some. Plantar fasciitis can be broken down into mild, moderate and severe cases.

Basically the tissue that connects the heel to the base of the toes becomes sensitive to increased weight/stress and becomes inflamed.   In the mornings the tissue is less flexible and generally more painful until it gets loosened up. This condition can become worse and last for months. The sooner the condition is addressed the quicker the solution to the problem occurs.

For mild cases it may be enough to start wearing running shoes and avoid repetitive stress to the foot for a week or so. More moderate to severe cases we begin treatment with a history of your daily activities, habits, hobbies, etc.  Grace Chiropractic recommends avoid going barefoot on hard surfaces, wear descent shoes and avoid putting heat on the bottom of your feet.

Moderate to severe cases are treated with ultrasound and taping techniques that provide support and decreased pain until the micro tears heal and the tissues can tolerate the stress again. We teach our patients this easy taping technique to add support to the bottom of the foot and allows greater pain free motion to the foot. More severe cases may require custom made orthotics, ultrasound and taping.  Grace Chiropractic Center provides all of these treatments for plantar fasciitis.

When left untreated for long periods of time the constant tension on the plantar fascia can cause the heel bone to begin to grow outward called a heel spur. Heel spurs are generally not the cause of the pain, the plantar tissue that attaches to the heel bone is commonly the cause of the pain.    Read more about conditions we treat at Grace Chiropractic Center.

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