The Cabot Chiropractor – Dr. Clay Gross at Grace Chiropractic Center

What makes our office different from other clinics? We listen to our patients. Dr. Clay Gross evaluates the function of each patient in relation to their complaints so progress can be documented and evaluated. This allows the doctor and the patient to be on the same page and expectations can be measured and achieved.

Our office provides treatments for many conditions such as: Headaches, neck and back pain, foot pain, spasms, spinal stiffness, sciatica and muscle pain. What you may not know is that we also perform Examination of the spine, nerves, joints- knees, shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, and connective tissues. Physiotherapies that we treat patients with involve rehab, exercises, stretches, ultrasound, mobilization, manipulation, low level laser, traction, and strengthening.

Younger patients that play sports at Cabot High School sometimes have joint, nerve and muscle injuries that we treat everyday. These typically involve strains and sprains that are treated with physiotherapy  treatments in our office. Bracing, taping, rehabilitation, mobilization brings them back to normal quickly.







Pregnancy is a condition that can cause significant hip and back pain for new and experienced mothers. Dr. Clay Gross treats many ladies through their pregnancy with great results. These treatments are simple, safe and effective. Many pregnant women in Cabot say they wished they hadn’t waited so long to come to see us.

We see people from all walks of life from dentist, eye doctors, physical therapist, other chiropractors, doctors, athletes from Cabot High School and the Little Rock Air Base personnel, Cabot school teachers, police and firemen. Most of them say we are different than anyone else they have been to.    I want our results to speak for our office. Talk to someone that has been to our office and see what they say.



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