Spinal manipulation and Physiotherapy- Cabot

Spinal Manipulation and Physiotherapy in Cabot

Physiotherapies performed for symptoms involving spinal stiffness, injury, strains/sprains, sports injuries and mobility at Grace Chiropractic Center. Physiotherapies include ultrasound, active and passive mobilizations, rehab, stretches, braces, KT taping, intersegmental traction, axial traction and strengthening. There are many adjusting techniques designed to meet the needs of different body types and function.

One important part of our physiotherapies is making the patient aware of how they work and what may have caused their initial injury. Dr. Clay Gross explains these concerns to  each patient to help educate them on the cause, the injury and  how to correct the problem. To learn more, watch our facebook page. We have video’s on what goes on in our office on facebook. Read more about Grace Chiropractic on facebook.


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