Relief of Pregnancy symptoms- Grace Chiropractic Center

Pregnancy is a wonderful event that can bring some unexpected symptoms. Numbness, sciatica, muscle fatigue, soreness, tender muscles, achy joints and many others symptoms are common with pregnancy. Chiropractic treatments can greatly reduce some of these conditions in a safe and effect way. Our patients are our greatest asset because they have been treated in our office and experience the relief associated with pregnancy symptoms.

To better understand how this works it is important to learn about a few things that happen during pregnancy. As you get closer to your due date, the body’s center of gravity begins to shift more forward and this pulls on the  lumbar spine causing the curvature to increase. The more weight the woman gains the more pressure is added to the lower back and hips. The condition of the woman prior to pregnancy also plays a part in their ability to deal with pregnancy. A young, strong, conditioned woman that has a active life style and takes care of herself will normally deal with the stresses of pregnancy better.

Treatment of pregnancy symptoms involve a number of areas to consider, lifestyle, daily routine, condition, activities, hobbies, and work requirements. We take a medical history, work history,  evaluation of over all health/weight and  condition. Recommendations to changes in lifestyle and promote healthy activities are made specific for each individual. Chiropractic treatments are easily tolerated party because pregnant women are some of the easiest to adjust because of the relaxin hormone that the woman has in their body.

We have a long history of helping women throughout their entire pregnancy at Grace Chiropractic Center. Our patients are our greatest asset, driving us to be the best and improving the  lives of a special group of women. I encourage everyone to talk to some of our patients and see what we have done for them. ~ Dr. Clay  Gross

Patients treated throughout their pregnancy.

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