Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain are the most common conditions that we treat at Grace Chiropractic Center. There are many causes of neck and back pain that can range from sleeping in a bad position, lifting to much, over use, bad posture, a accident or for unknown reasons. Is it any reason that 80% of Americans will have lower back pain at some point in there life. Some therapist say that there are no bad positions only weak bodies, others say that posture is the reason for so many aches and pains. I believe that there are many reasons for neck and back pain and that there isn’t any one reason.  We have patients that basically live in a gym and can lift more than 90% of the people in Cabot, yet they still have back pain. I have patients that have terrible posture and hardly ever have a problem, and those with great posture and  have back pain all of the time.

We are convinced that we are not all equal in the sense that some of us will have more problems than others. It is important to understand that X-rays and MRI’s only show anatomy, they do not show pain, symptoms or how someone hurts. They can show where a problem is, if there is a anatomical abnormality. They can show a tear, disc bulge, compression on a structure, fractures, tumors, abnormal anatomy but not pain or symptoms. Many patients have symptoms and have completely normal x-rays and  MRI’s. So again, there are many reasons for neck and back pain not just weak core muscle or just poor posture.

We measure and record the results of orthopedic tests and functional testing to determine that the limitations are for each case. This helps decide what tissues are involved and if joints are part of the problem. We look at each case from all directions and help people resolve their problems as fast as possible. You can read more about us on facebook .

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.


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