Neck and Back Pain in Cabot, Arkansas

If you have neck or back pain and live in the Cabot area Grace Chiropractic Center can help.  Neck and back pain are one of the most common symptoms people can have.  47% of Americans experience neck and or back pain every year. Their are many causes of back pain such as trauma, over use, anatomical malformation, over weight, sports injuries, auto accidents and the list goes on.  Chiropractic treatments have been found to have good results in treating these and many other conditions. Chiropractors have had the highest patient satisfaction rate of all healthcare providers for many years. For many patients the repetitive activities that our job requires, tend to wear us down. Our bodies try to accommodate to the activities that we perform each day. Sometimes we don’t adjust well to new activities or the stress of the job causes a spinal problem. Sometimes a spinal adjustment is all that is needed to return to normal while other times physiotherapy treatments that we perform strengthens/stretches and supports the spine is needed. Another common cause of neck and back pain is a disc issue. The vertebral disc are cushions between the vertebra that allow us to flex, bend and rotate on a cushion.  One common misconception is that a disc can slip in and out of place like a hockey puck. This is not how the disc works. The spinal disc is not a structure that moves freely in and out of place between bones. The disc is grown into the vertebral body above and below itself. The disc is also held in place by the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligament and many other connective tissues. A disc can bulge, herniate, protrude, rupture but they do not slip. A disc can place pressure on a nerve root or on the spinal cord. The anatomy of a disc is somewhat like a tire on a car, where as the strong, tough part is on the outside like the tread on a tire and the softer material is on the inside.

Some of the treatments for neck and back pain may include ultrasound, KT taping, physiotherapies, cold laser therapy and manipulation. A large majority of our patients smile and say that felt so good after their first adjustment. The number of people in Cabot seeking treatment for neck and back pain has grown every year and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Neck and back pain is not just a older persons problem. The vast majority of patients we see are under 50 years old.  Some of the common questions asked by patients is should I use ice or heat? Should I stay in bed or move around and how serious is my injury.  I have found it interesting that patients that work at a desk job have as many complaints as a patient that has a very physically demanding job.

Chiropractic treatments have had a major affect on back pain in Cabot Arkansas.,

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