Military Personnel Benefit from Chiropractic

Over the years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of military personnel in the Air Force that use chiropractic treatments. From load masters, pilots, crew chiefs, navigators, flight instructors and even their Chaplains. Each one has job requirements that are repetitive and sometimes have awkward  positions that cause back, shoulder, neck and hip problems. Chiropractic is unique in that there are no bad side effects. The flight crew is limited in what they can take for pain b/c of the side effects that would ground them from flying. Security personnel wear heavy flack jackets all day, load masters are standing in the back of the plane pushing and pulling heavy cago and maintaining their balance as the plane bounces around.  Typical scenario is when a flight crew member goes in for a back problem they are given Motrin and maybe a x-ray. If that person returns for the same complaint they are referred to physical therapy, however; if the injury isn’t due to weak muscles it many times doesn’t improve their problem. Chiropractic evaluates the bio-mechanics of each case and identifies the tissue or tissues involved; ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints, nerves.  Chiropractic has had a positive affect on these types of injuries and symptoms due to the increasing number of military patients that are seeking help from them. It says even more when these people have free medical care on their base and are willing to pay out of pocket to be treated by a Chiropractor off base. Maybe we need to offer Chiropractic care on military bases: cost effective, no side effects sounds like a good plan.

Grace Chiropractic Center supports the combat Vets Association in Arkansas.

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