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#1 Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas

Grace Chiropractic Center is located in downtown Cabot. Our office is a little different than some chiropractic offices because we offer physiotherapies for shoulders, hips, knees, strains/sprains, auto injuries and sports injuries. We only perform x-rays/MRI’s when they are absolutely necessary. We spend a good amount of time explaining what we find during the examination of the injured area, and how it is related to their symptoms. All therapies and treatments are performed one on one with the doctor and take as much time as needed to provide the best care. Our office works with Neurologist and Neurosurgeons for cases that are extreme and require other options.

  The demographic of the patients that we mostly see are typically between teen age and those in their 40’s. Many of our patients request to return to our  office more often than  we had recommended because they felt so good. A large number of patients return monthly on a maintenance schedule to maintain their flexibility, alignment and performance.  That brings me to the athletes, weekend warriors and the military personnel that have to perform at a high level and help avoid injury.

Entire families will come together to be treated at the same time. We see a lot of ladies during their entire pregnancy to help them with symptoms associated with pregnancy. So if your looking for a Chiropractor in the Cabot area, look to Grace Chiropractic Center in downtown Cabot.~ Dr. Clay Gross





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