Highest Patient Satisfaction for Neck and Back pain

What healthcare provider has the highest patient satisfaction? The Chiropractor.  While that may surprise some of you, it is no surprise to the the people that go to the chiropractor. The most common phrase I hear everyday is, “I wish I had come here sooner.” or ” I wish I had come here first.”   A lot of times our new patients have already been everywhere else with little or no results, so I’ve thought about renaming our office ” The last resort” or ” The  body shop.”   No other provider has the training of the chiropractor with intense studies (doctorate) in imaging CT/MR/X-Ray, physiology, Orthopedic testing, physical examination of body systems and being a spinal specialist.  Some chiropractors specialize in certain conditions or age groups as well.

We receive referrals from other clinics, M.D.’s, D.O.’s, P.T.’s and other chiropractors. Our office is a little unique in that we do not determine our treatments based on what insurance decides to cover or not cover. We provide the treatment or recommendations based on examination findings and the patient’s functional limitations. Weather a patient has neck and back pain or they just want to get back in action, chiropractic has helped many weekend warriors and athletes. The initial office visit begins with a brief consultation. This is when we determine if you are in the right place or not. We refer out any patient that appears to have a non musculoskeletal (joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, spinal, shoulder-feet) condition. A few times in my career I have had a patient that had such a extreme fusion of the spine that there wasn’t much of anything that could be done. This was explained to the patient and treatment was not begun. That is a rare instance but it occasionally happens.

Most of the patient’s we see in Cabot have neck/back pain, sciatica, headaches, muscle/ ligament/tendon, auto accident issues from an injury or over use. The word is getting out about Grace Chiropractic Center because our office has had constant growth for 11 years. Chiropractic maybe the best kept secret from those that haven’t been to a great chiropractor, but those that go to one are very satisfied it appears.  To read more about chiropractic go to www.cabotchiro.com  or on facebook at: www.facebook.com/Gracechiropracticcenter    ~Dr. Clay Gross

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