Head Forward Posture

Head forward posture is when the person’s head has moved anterior to their shoulders. This common posture causes a number of issues over time.

Number one it reduces the normal curve in the cervical spine. This curve is important for many reasons, one of which is that it acts like a shock absorber as we walk and run or bounce. When our neck has the correct curve it also helps the nerves that go through/between each vertebrae.





The next reason is that the further our neck protrudes forward the more the first thoracic spinous sticks out, referred to as a hump at the base of the neck. No one wants a hump, right?  The third reason we will talk about is that our head posture should be over our shoulders pressing downward, if our neck is straightened out and leaning forward that places additional stress on the back of the neck to keep our head pulled up at a angle instead directly over the rest of the body.

This is not something that occurs all at once, it normally happens a little at a time, becomes a habit or something in our daily life that promotes head forward posture, like:

Sleeping with a pillow that is to large.  Sitting up in bed watching t.v.. Sitting in a recliner with our head tilted down.  Working on a laptop computer with it in our lap. With the amount of texting going on is it any wonder we have head forward posture if we look down to text, computer use, reading, watching t.v., etc.    Pay attention to the people around you, family, friends, kids and see if you can pick out who has head forward posture.








So what do we do about it? Number one is to become aware of how you perform certain activities- reading, watching t.v., working at a computer, texting and sleep posture. Next, see a chiropractor, this can help resolve head forward posture by reducing spinal stiffness, proper alignment and identify asymmetrical soft tissue tone.(muscles pulling harder on one side of the spine) A cervical orthosis is an excellent way to restore a normal cervical curve.  The cervical block/orthosis can help resolve neck stiffness, tension of muscles pulling on the back of the head causing headaches, resolve headforward  posture and a straight neck.    Making small changes in our daily routine can have a huge effect on how we develop and mature. Another common factor is that most recliner have  a large fluffy cushion or pillow behind the head that pushes the head in front of the shoulders even though you maybe reclined backward. As a landmark the ear lobe should be over the middle of your shoulders when you are standing up.  Traction may also be used injunction with the cervical orthosis and chiropractic adjustments it just depends on the person. Everyone of us are quite different and require minor modifications to reach the same result. Chiropractic treatments have done wonders for so many people, head forward posture is only one if the issues we treat.  For more information about this topic or other symptoms please contact our office at Grace Chiropractic Center. We would be happy to sit down with you and answer your questions.


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