Grace Chiropractic Treats Auto Accidents in Cabot Arkansas

Grace Chiropractic Center treats auto accidents in Cabot Arkansas. We work with you to get the treatment you require and bill the insurance company or attorney for you.

It is common for people who have been in a auto accident to seek treatment and then find out that the clinic has to be paid at that time usually 500.00 or more up front. At Grace Chiropractic, we bill the insurance company after the treatment is over and you are not out of pocket for the treatment. Most of the accidents we see range from low speed impact to severe damage with big tractor trailers. Each case is different and we co-treat some patients with other professionals such as Neurologist and surgeons. For the more severe cases we provide rehab of soft tissue damage, strains/sprains, stretching and strengthening.

The injuries suffered during a auto accident depend on how the accident occurred and the force of the impact. Even low speed accidents can cause significant soft tissue damage, over stretched ligaments, muscles, tendons that cause misalignments. These low speed impacts can produce low term symptoms if not treated.

During a rear-end impact the head is hyper extended backward into the headrest which maybe in the up or down position and that also affects the extent of injuries. Because the seat in our vehicles are all slanted backward, the seat acts like a ramp and slides our bodies upward toward the roof and the head can bend further backwards over the head rest. It is best to keep the headrest at the highest position at all times to prevent hyperextension of the cervical spine.

During a head-on accident the head is forced into hyperflexion which can compress and tear soft tissues on the back of the neck. If the air bags deploy your head is then forced forward into the airbag and then in a fraction of a second, it is forced backwards again over stretching and compressing the cervical spine and associated soft tissues. The acceleration deceleration of the spine can damage spinal disc, nerves, muscles and the joint itself.

Muscle spasms are normal following a car injury and they can be very severe. Muscle relaxers do  not work because they are more of a sedative. Muscle relaxers do not go to the muscle spasm and cause it to release, it doesn’t work that way. Tingling, numbness, sharp shooting pain is also common following a accident that can make it impossible to work, perform daily activities or even dress yourself.

Every case is different but usually a auto case is treated initially with x-rays/MRI if needed, ultrasound, Inferential/ electric stimulation, passive mobilization, supports/braces, physiotherapy, traction and manipulation. Our physiotherapy takes the patient through their ranges of motion passively. This allows the tissues to heal in a manner that they will be used in the future. This helps prevent long term symptoms from progressing. Our goal is to return the patient back to their pre-injury status so they can live the life they want to. Auto accidents can vary so much that we may visit this topic several more times explaining how these types of injuries happen and the forces at play during an impact.~ Dr. Clay Gross


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