Grace Chiropractic Center Treats auto accidents

Grace Chiropractic Center treats a large number of auto accidents in central Arkansas. A car accident can be a scary event to experience and can have long term effects. Mild to moderate injuries can occur from low speed auto accidents. The forces that are applied to our bodies as they come to a sudden stop or change in direction cause ligaments, tendons, connective tissues and our joints to become over stretched, torn or misaligned. A head on accident can cause different injuries from being rear-ended. At the moment of the impact our bodies are out of control and are also impacted by the seat belt, air bag and the inside of the vehicle.  It is common for someone in a low speed accident to get out of their vehicle and feel like they are shook up but mostly o.k., and a few days later they can hardly get out of bed. This is because of the type of tissue that has been injured.  Connective tissue/ligaments have very little blood supply and are slower to respond to the inflammatory process. The result is a delayed response to acute tissue damage.  This process can take days to occur and progressively become worse over the next week. It is important to be evaluated for these injuries and spinal injuries as they can have long lasting symptoms.  Some of our auto patient’s have been in multiple auto accidents and this can make them more susceptible to injury than a person that has never been in one. Grace Chiropractic Center works with Neurosurgeons, radiology/imaging facilities to get the patient the best care from the right place. We want to take care of you and your family. We welcome you to our office for a consultation about your auto accident or other symptoms you may have, at no charge. We work for you, let us help.

– Dr. Clay  13339655_10208819066487695_3405525445456789152_n

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