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Contact Grace Chiropractic Center for your muscle, nerve, joint problems, headaches, sciatica and auto injuries.

Your time is important and we want to make the most of it. Contact Grace Chiropractic Center for a appointment.  The first portion of the initial office visit consist of a brief consult to ensure you are at the right place. If certain red flags are present during the examination further imaging maybe required. However, not all cases require x-rays to be treated. Many people just wake up with neck and back pain without any trauma in their  recent history.  Expect to discuss your symptoms, treatment options, and the results of the examination on your first office visit. Physiotherapies and home exercises/stretches maybe recommended to speed the recovery process and corrective healing so the body part functions as it was meant to in the future. Physiotherapy performed can include passive mobilization of the affected area, stretching and strengthening to prevent further injury. Each case is different and is treated as such, welcome to Grace Chiropractic.


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