Chiropractors have the highest rated patient satisfaction over all healthcare providers.

Dr. Clay Gross at Grace Chiropractic Center believes it is important to test, identify and explain what type of injury or the source of the symptoms/pain are to his patients. Communication is key in quickly finding the cause of pain and their symptoms. Problems may occur due to an injury, accident or normal daily routines. Something as simple as rolling over in bed or as stressful as manual labor. Sometimes x-rays, CT, MRI are needed and sometimes they are not.  I believe when the patient better understand what is happening the better equipped they to not repeat the same injury in the future. The initial examination is to determine what tissues are involved; muscle, tendon, ligament, nerves, bones, joints and organs. Normally this is a simple process that is clear cut and easy to identify, other times further testing maybe needed. I feel that it is important to discuss with the patient how the injury is related to the tissues involved. While some patients want to find out all they can about their pain, others may not. We always encourage our patients to bring someone with them, a spouse, friend, relative to their initial office visit.

If a person has a significant injury such as a major auto accident, we explain the healing process and phases of care that are required to return to their pre-injury status. We do not see hundreds of patients a day and we do not rush people in and out in order to keep up with the work load. This allows us to spend the necessary amount of time with each patient. Because each person and their injury is different, some patients are seen and treated quickly while others may take significantly longer.

Maybe this is why Chiropractors have the highest rated patient satisfaction over all other healthcare providers. We strive to work with our patients and address their concerns, questions and treatments.  Our office has been blessed with so many great patients that post glowing reviews and have rated our office higher online than anyone else locally. We listen to our patients and help them get better as quickly as possible. I have found that people do not want their doctor to treat the insurance company, they want the doctor to treat the patient. ~ Dr. Clay Gross

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