Veterans Benefit from Chiropractor

Cabot Veterans benefit from local Chiropractor.

Grace Chiropractic Center organizes fund raisers for the Combat Veterans Association in Arkansas. Our chiropractic office in Cabot provides discounts for military veterans and their spouses. We have received certificates of appreciation for our efforts in supporting the active members of our military. Being located so close to a military base it’s no wonder that we treat so many military personnel.  It’s interesting to note that we see as many female military personnel as we do males. This Cabot Chiropractor believes in supporting  our troops.

The military discounts are also extended to police departments and firemen in Cabot. It’s our hope that in some small way we can honor our troops and provide services they can take advantage of. Some of the conditions we treat the troops for range from repetitive stress injuries and more serious chronic injuries from those that served over seas.

A branch of the military that is often over looked is the guard units stationed around the state and are called up monthly to perform routine drills. These people have regular jobs during most of the month and become weekend worriers every few weeks. The military has so many different departments there are numerous job  requirements they have to perform. Some of these range from desk jobs, mechanics, pilots, load masters, instructors, and flight engineers.

The military personnel we treat are some of the best patients b/c they are driven and willing to do what we ask to improve and help prevent future injuries. In most of the cases we treat, the patient’s entire family usually also begin being seen  at Grace Chiropractic. We consider it a honor to be able to provide services for our  military that does so much  for our country. We all have a duty to support and encourage all branches of our military personnel. ~ Dr. Clay Gross

Grace Chiropractic Center supports the combat Vets Association in Arkansas.

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