Cabot Chiropractors- Cabot, Arkansas

The #1 Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas Grace Chiropractic Center. We work to be #1 in: educating our patients on the cause and prevention of their injuries, aches/pains and getting patients better faster. We never ask how many visits your insurance will cover or what therapies they will accept or reject. We perform the treatments needed to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We have one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction because we listen to our patients and work with them to correct or speed their recovery.  One of the ways we do this is by posting our own healthcare articles on: sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neck/back pain, headaches, leg/shoulder/knee pain and other common conditions. We do not pay any outside business to write articles for us or pay for companies to artificially inflate our ratings on the internet. Dr. Clay Gross gives talks and lectures on healthcare, spinal conditions, physical medicine, therapies and preventative actions. ” I believe the better a person understands how their body works and what the problem is,  the better they heal and recover.”- Dr. Clay Gross

Many clinics do not or can not take the time to explain each persons problem. Occasionally we will receive a patient that would be better served by a Orthopedist or Neurologist. We often co-treat these patients with other doctors to help the patient have the best recovery. At the beginning of each new patients office visit we take a few mins to listen and question the patient about their condition to make sure they are in the right place for treatment. Our patient’s know that we have their best interest at heart and will only do what needs to be done. We have received referrals from medical doctors, ortho’s, neurologist, physical therapist, O.T., D.O., local military personnel and Cabot High School teachers. We hope that you will allow us to work for you at Grace Chiropractic Center.

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