Cabot Chiropractor and Nurses working together in Cabot Arkansas

Nurses have one of the most extreme careers, in that they maybe called on for life saving procedures, accurate medications administered, transferring patients, infection control and numerous other mental and physical stresses during long hours with little support or concern for their own health and wellness. I have found that nurses are excellent patients for chiropractors b/c they want to know and understand how and why things work they way they do. ¬†They are smart, quick to learn, great at describing symptoms, frequency, what makes it better or worse. We see nurses from every hospital in central Arkansas and many private clinics as well. Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nursing Assistant and RN’s all have demanding job requirements that Chiropractic treatments help resolve. In a career that is not easy to take time off from, nurses have to feel like going to work, no matter the weather or how they feel. Many of the nurses that use our office recommend their own patients use chiropractic and refer other healthcare professionals to our office. We are proud of our Cabot nurses that use Grace Chiropractic Center.~ Dr. Clay Gross


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