Auto Accident Treatments in Cabot Arkansas

If you are looking for treatment as a result of a auto accident or injury look to Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas. Auto accidents happen in all kinds of ways, some from the front, rear or a side impact. Each one of these causes different types of symptoms depending on your position and how the accident occurred. Side impacts tend to strain/sprain the opposite side of the impact or it can affect both sides depending on if your body struck the inside of the vehicle. Rear impacts compress the spine, disc and over stretches connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Head on impacts tend to compress the spine from the front and strain/sprain the back of the neck. Some of these injuries also cause numbness and tingling in the arms or hands. Generally the worse the compression the further down the arm the symptoms happen. Headaches, muscle spasm, restricted spinal motion are all common symptoms that happen to some extent following at auto accident.

Cabot has many auto accidents each year and will likely increase as the population grows. Many places require that you pay for the auto injury treatment upfront. Grace Chiropractic Center will treat you and wait for the case to settle after all of the treatment is finished. Even low speed accidents can cause significant pain and symptoms due to the forces applied to our bodies during a impact. Some of the more common symptoms of a car accident is neck and back pain. Neck and back pain, spasms, leg pain, stiffness, restricted joints and muscles may take a few days to appear following a accident. This is normal b/c tissues that have less blood supply are slower to respond to inflammation and injury. Muscles tend to produce pain quicker than a ligament’s delayed inflammatory response. This is why 2-3 days after and accident the patient is having more and new complaints as a result of the accident. If the accident is severe enough that a patient has to miss work or will take a extended amount of time to heal, it is recommended that they look for an attorney to help them through this process and have all of their bills paid. We work with insurance companies and attorneys to give the care that each person requires to be returned to their pre-injury status. Dr. Clay Gross has treated many people in Cabot with neck/back pain due to a car wreck to help people resolve their symptoms and get on with life.~ Dr. Clay Gross¬†

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