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Auto Accident Treatments at Grace Chiropractic Center. There are numerous auto accidents everyday that cause neck and back pain and Chiropractic care can help. The most common type of auto accident we see in the office are a result of being rear-ended. This type of accident causes a different type of injury than a head-on accident. The same is true for a side impact accident. Some of the questions that we ask after a auto accident are: were you wearing your seatbelt, was your head rest in the highest position or the lowest position, did you see he  accident coming, were you braced for the impact, were you the driver, did the airbags deploy, was there a accident report and where did you go after the accident.

  After the medical history is taken, we perform a auto accident examination. It is common to also examine other areas, other than their current symptoms.This establishes a complete auto accident initial exam. If x-rays or MRI’s are needed the prior examination may indicate it at this time.

Rehab, passive mobilization, manipulation, physiotherapies, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, or traction maybe used for auto accident patients. We perform orthopedic brain test, cranial nerve tests,  deep tendon reflexes, sensory test with a pin wheel, vascular tests, vertebral disc tests, nerve tests, muscle tests and ranges of pain free motion. We evaluate function more than a positive or negative orthopedic test. Ultimately function and pain are what people are concerned with. Chiropractic treatments can have a tremendous effect on the recover process following a auto accident. ~ Dr. Clay Gross

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.

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