Are X-rays always needed, to be adjusted?

There are many rules and regulations regarding x-rays. It is not recommended to have routine x-rays performed just for the sake of having them done. There needs to be a reasonable purpose for a patient to be exposed to radiation. Non-traumatic events that result in acute back or spinal discomfort may not always require x-rays, such as spasms, sciatica, lower back pain as a result of sleeping in a bad position, over used during work or working out. Patient’s may have played a sport over the weekend and tweaked some soft connective tissues in their back or slipped but did not fall. Many times a quick sharp jerky motion can cause mild to severe pain that can be identified by a chiropractor and does not always require the spine to have x-rays. However, anytime there has been trauma, unexplained red flags present during the examination a x-ray, MR, CT or doppler imaging maybe needed.,

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