Amazing Grace Chiropractic Center-Cabot Arkansas

Amazing Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.

Dr. Clay Gross has been a chiropractor since 2001. He graduated from one of the highest rated chiropractic colleges in America, Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas. He completed his residency in Irving Texas at the Beta Clinic. His office Grace Chiropractic was named after his grandmother Grace Golden who was a teacher for 40 years in the  Cabot school district and was named into the Cabot Hall of Fame. Dr. Clay attended Cabot high school  and was active in sports ( football, track, golf), band, and the FFA. He named his clinic after his grand mother Grace, to honor her reputation, fortitude, integrity, and morals.

I’ve always wanted my own office to be comfortable, unique, and inviting to people. Our office was built in 1925 and is one of the few structures to survive the down town tornado that wiped out most of the center of Cabot. I want everyone’s experience of our office to exceed their expectations and be enjoyable. It’s always a work in progress to stay up to date on continuing education, equipment, and maintaining a high standard of care for each and every patient. We are currently going through an office update with a bose sound system, new furniture, additional treatment tables, touch screen charts, and interactive digital x-ray viewing screens.

A new patient’s first visit shouldn’t be a scary and expensive visit. We provide cost effective simple treatments for conditions involving all joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves. Dr. Clay is excellent at making people feel comfortable and explaining the results of any examination and discussing conditions, and symptoms. Joann manages the front desk and is the nicest person  you will ever meet on the phone or in person.

One of our goals is to discuss each patient’s past medical history, current medical condition and their symptoms or injuries. Explaining examination/x-ray/MRI findings and providing effective treatment for the quickest results and resolve their issues.

Grace Chiropractic Center is the next generation of chiropractic in Cabot. We are not a pain center, we do not recommend treatments based on coverage of a insurance policy, we do not ask how many treatments your insurance pays for, and we do not tell patients to use up their remaining insurance visits before the end of the year. We do treat people like we would want to be treated, and where everyone knows your name.  Welcome to Grace Chiropractic Center of Cabot.~ Dr. Clay Gross



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