Top Chiropractor in Cabot

Top Chiropractor in Cabot

The top Chiropractor in Cabot, what makes our office different? We listen to our patients, we work with their schedule, and help resolve their symptoms as quickly as possible. We do not base our treatment plans on what a insurance company determines your treatment should be. Dr. Clay Gross recommends conservative, effective treatments for based on each individual person. We never ask how many office visits does your insurance cover. Our treatment plans are typically short and intense in order to promote the quickly results.

Some of the serious auto accidents we treat require neurologist, MRI’s and co-treatment with other doctors. If a patient isn’t responding as quickly as we feel like they should, we refer and co-treat with other medical offices. The patient is our highest priority, not their insurance plan. I believe this is why so many of our patient refer to Grace Chiropractic Center as the TOP Chiropractor in Cabot.

Dr. Clay Gross performs not only orthopedic tests but also evaluates functional ability. Function, pain free movements, the ability to work, play, and being active is what our patients are interested in. Another reason I believe we are rated so high is because we stay on the same page with our patients. What I mean by this is that each visit should build on the last and be progressive with improvements and function. Documentation is important on each visit to measure progress, what is working and what is not. This helps us both know where we are in the treatment as we go. What our office does not do is treat someone for 8 to 12 weeks and then determine it’s not working.  That is not who we are.

Everyone is not the same, they are not equal, they are not built exactly the  same. Some people respond quickly and others take longer based on age, condition, severity of the injury, and their ability to heal. Being sensitive to this helps us tune each treatment to met that person’s needs at that time. We want to continue to be the best chiropractic office that we can be. Our patients are our best asset, they drive us to be the best and  expect us to work as hard as they do. ~ Dr. Clay Gross

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.


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