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Dr. Clay Gross is married to his best friend Candace Cooper Gross and lives near Cabot. They both attend Fellowship Bible Church in Cabot and enjoy many of the outdoor activities that Arkansas has to offer such as hiking, camping, fishing and floating the Buffalo river.


We want to provide a clean, comfortable, low stress office for patients to be treated in. One of our goals is to educate patients on what may have caused their problem, how to prevent it and what can be done to fix it. There are many things that can be done at home to help with some musculoskeletal problems, while other conditions require a chiropractor. Chiropractic is unique in that it is the only health discipline that actually promotes health and function of the joints, spine, limbs, nervous system from headaches to plantar fasciitis. Many people use chiropractors for their pain, but it also works great for prevention, just ask every major sports team why they all use one. Until they make a pill that can properly move a bone, correct spinal alignment, evaluate bio-mechanics/symmetry of the musculoskeletal and nervous system you need a good chiropractor.




Here are some common comments and questions we are asked:


Why the name Grace Chiropractic Center? In part, because of my grandmother Grace Golden. A wonderful person that helped shape who I am today. She taught school at Cabot for 42 years and affected many lives. She was inducted into the Cabot Education Hall of Fame in 2009. The second reason for the name Grace Chiropractic Center is because it reminds me of the good grace GOD has given me.


Why did you want to become a chiropractor?


When I was just out of high school I worked in a hospital, delivering lab specimens to all departments, watching surgery, helping in the ER, X-Ray, and I got to know many of the nurses, medical doctors, radiologist, and therapist there. I asked everyone I could that worked there what they liked most about their job, disliked most about their job and would they choose it again.


The radiologist liked their job, the ER staff seemed to like what they did as well. All but one medical doctor told me they would not do it again if they had it to do over. Being surprised by the answers I got back from them I talked with doctors from other locations and they were a little more satisfied but not much.


Sometime later, someone I knew went to a chiropractor for a shoulder injury and was telling me about their treatment. I had no idea what a chiropractor was, so I went and talked to 23 of them from north Arkansas to central Arkansas. I asked the same questions, what you like most and least about what you do, would you do it again and what is chiropractic?


It was interesting that all of them except for a few, loved what they did. Many of them were sons and daughters of chiropractors or their children were going to chiropractic college after getting their BS. The number one reason they liked what they did was simple. It works. I was allowed to shadow a number of chiropractic offices and their patients loved them because they listened and helped them. Every patient wanted to tell me their story about what their chiropractor did for them. The chiropractors I talked to loved what they did because they went to work and helped people all day.


Chiropractic was explained to me like this. The body is self healing and self regulating, until it is over whelmed. Chiropractic helps they body communicate to itself through the nervous system. Every cell in the body has to have a nerve supply to it in order to function properly. Chiropractic helps that communication.


Does Chiropractic heal every condition and all diseases?


No, it doesn’t. I don’t treat asthma, but I do treat the person with the asthma and it does help them breath easier. Health is not the absence of disease, rather it is how well we respond to things that happen to us.


I went to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas and had never been adjusted in my life before attending chiropractic college. On the first day of class we were asked to stand and tell why we wanted to become a chiropractor. 249 students said they were helped by their chiropractor so much they wanted to become one also. I wanted to become one because of the philosophy and couldn’t wait to help my own patients.


So what do I like most about being a chiropractor?


Helping patients meet their goals: getting out of pain, gaining strength, being able to play golf, shop, play with their kids, living life and making the most of it. Some patients have difficult jobs and they have to feel like going to work and be able to do physical labor. We help them be able to function and perform their job. When our patients give us their permission we enjoy sharing their story about how they were helped at Grace Chiropractic Center.


Do I have a Chiropractor?


Yes I do. I have treated over 13 other chiropractors at my office and I also go to one. We treat many physical therapist, massage therapist, eye doctors,

5 veterinarians, and many RN’s , Cabot High School Nurses and Nurse practitioners from most of the hospitals in central Arkansas.


What do I like least about my job?


Paper work.


Do all chiropractors do the same thing?


No, just like every other profession, some focus on certain conditions more than others and may use a number of different techniques.


Do chiropractors replace medical doctors? No. If I’m having a heart attack I am going to a cardiologist. If I have vision problems, I go to a eye doctor. Some patients have a condition that requires surgery or some other treatment, and we refer them at that time. This is one of the things we do during the consultation, determine if your in the right place or not.


We hope you will find GRACE at Grace Chiropractic Center like so many others have!


If you are interested in discussing your symptoms/ issues call us and make an appointment for a consultation. Sometimes that’s enough to let you know what to do. 501-941-3008

Licensure and Memberships


  • Graduation from Parker University Dallas Texas 2001
  • American Chronic Pain Association
  • Arkansas State University
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Internship Alfa Clinic Irving Texas
  • Arkansas State University
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Christian Chiropractors Association
  • Published article in the Christian Chiropractor
  • Arkansas Chiropractic Society
  • Arkansas Chiropractic Association 2006
  • Kiwanis 2007
  • Cabot Chamber of Commerce 2006
  • Sponsor of numerous athletes


Certified Personal Trainer in Cabot Arkansas:


Liz Rumbaugh NASM CPT


Ph: (325)280-3349


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