Prevail Fitness and Grace Chiropractic Center




Prevail Fitness and Grace Chiropractic Center make a great team! We sponsor a number of athletes from beginners to the more experienced that workout at Prevail Fitness here in Cabot. For those people that may need a little help in learning what to do, how to do it and how much, Prevail Fitness has certified personal trainers to guide you all the way. This gym offers childcare, family discounts and a multitude of free weights and machines. There are a number of cardio machines and bikes, upper body/lower body equipment and a separate room full of free weights. They have a complete locker room with showers and changing areas so there’s no reason not to take advantage of all they have to offer.
The benefits of working out are to numerous to list here, however no one has ever been sorry they worked out. I have seen patients lower their heart rate, blood pressure, no longer diabetic, weight loss, stronger and more flexible as a result of working out. Grace Chiropractic helps people at the gym by increased active and passive range of motion, flexibility and alignment. Strengthening the spinal muscles has a protective mechanism to help prevent injury to your back. Chiropractic can help some people by making it easier to perform certain motions or activities, that is why most professional athletes have a Chiropractor they see. In the future we will highlight some local athletes that have had life changing results from working out and seeing their Chiropractor.

You can contact Prevail Fitness at: 501-843-4500

Grace Chiropractic Center at: 501-941-3008







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