Pregnancy and Chiropractic


Chiropractic can help mothers prepare for the changes that pregnancy brings. Hips, lower back, legs, feet, can all become tender, sore during pregnancy as weight is gained and additional stresses are placed on their bodies. Adjusting the joints near and around the pelvis can help these joint to become use to moving and may ease delivery and labor. As the pregnancy continues the relaxin hormone begins to cause joints to loosen a bit. This is why women are actually easier to adjust during pregnancy than if they weren’t pregnant. The techniques used are different for infants, children and pregnant women than compared to adults. When adjusting pregnant women and children there is no jerking, twisting or forcing at anytime. I often demonstrate to parents how it is done and what it looks like to adjust a child. Usually the next statement they say is, ” now that I understand and have seen it, everyone should be adjusted correctly.”

Following delivery the new mother will again begin to experience yet another adaptation or series of changes that include: excessive bending over, holding additional weight in their arms and providing all of the care a new born requires. It is common for new mothers to begin to have shoulder issues and hip problems due to the change in their lifestyle and the new demands on their body. This is a natural and common occurrence that we see in our office every week.  Grace Chiro is happy to treat, explain, answer questions and offer recommendations to help you excel in your daily duties.   Dr. Clay Gross works for his patients and we are glad you chose our office!

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