Happy people are Healthier People at Grace Chiropractic

A new study just released states that people that are generally positive and optimistic are more healthy than those that are not. It goes on to say that these “positive” people are happy even when they don’t have a particular reason to be and they have much fewer health issues throughout their life. It’s funny to me that it takes a Harvard peer review study to realize that happy people still face the same ups and downs as everyone else but they keep a positive attitude about it. One of the side effects of staying positive is that it reduces stress, anxiety and maybe some poor decisions. I try to remind my patients that stress is one of those things that can and will affect every part of our bodies from digestion to the cardiovascular system. Less stress, finding an outlet to relieve stress, less worry, and  a positive outlook are all mental conditions that affect our physical condition. Many times I will be treating a patient and they will have a emotional response,  where they release their stress and voice the issue that has been bothering them for sometime. This seems to happen with people that bottle up all the things that makes them feel like they are going to pop.  Be a friend and be aware of those around you that may just need someone to listen. They aren’t looking for a response back but need a sounding board.

These types of “up tight” people appear to be more common now than ever. As a chiropractor, I try to make people aware of this if I think they are headed down a chronic phase of emotional, physical or chemical stress, because it affects muscle tone, blood pressure, tension, spinal compression, posture and chronic fatigue. I don’t offer answers to their problems, but I do suggest they find a healthy outlet and make them aware of what I see.

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