Grace Chiropractic for the Little Rock Air Base






Grace Chiropractic Center sees many airmen and women of the Little Rock Air Base. Each specialized position to keep these planes running requires their own unique skill and can cause repetitive stress fatigue, stress and injury. We help them by treating the musculoskeletal system to help them function during their pushing, pulling, bending shoulders, knees, hips, neck and back. Some of these issues are caused by joints and others effect the soft tissues such as: ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. By the number of people we see from the Air Base it’s certain that chiropractic helps them do their job and do it better. On the first visit we will have a complete medical history, current complaint and then perform an examination. Following the exam any positive findings will be explained and treatment will begin. Most feel relief after the first office visit and continue to progress exceeding their expectations. Dr. Clay recommends an initial consultation to ensure they are in the right place. See what we can do for you at Grace Chiro.  501-941-3008


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