Grace Chiropractic custom Orthotics

Grace Chiropractic makes custom orthotics to treat many foot complaints. The purpose of these orthotics is to balance the foot, provide support and correct abnormal foot posture. People that stand for long periods, runners, workers climbing, hikers, trail runners, athletes and normal everyday jobs demand a lot of our feet everyday. Poor foot posture can cause ankle, knee and hip problems because altered foot posture causes our joints to align differently even from our right and left sides.






People with flat feet tend to over pronate. This is when the inner side of the foot rolls over causing the joints of the foot, knee and hip to not align correctly.

People with high arches normally under pronate. There is a small amount of pronation that is necessary to occur, however to much or to little causes problems. For runners, to much pronation  causes the foot to over use the big toe during push off. Excessive motion of the foot causes calluses, bunions, runners knee, plantar fasciitis.




The position of the foot can also cause the achilles tendon to change it’s position, either bowed inward or outward.  The custom orthotics that we provide help cause the foot to align the ankle, knee and hip by balancing the posture of the feet. By building up the inner portion the correct amount we can correct the excessive pronation.







One of the issues that sets our orthotics apart from the others is the support for the transverse arch. Most orthotics do nothing for all three of the arches of the foot, however they are all important. Footlevers orthotics are semi ridge, meaning that they slightly flex with your body weight and are not hard plastic cups that hurt more after you wear them. Different foam density is used in certain parts of the orthotic depending on where you have the most pressure.

We have a 100% money back guarantee, if your not happy with your orthotics we will take them back. To date we have never had a pair return for any reason.

Other services we provide are sandal orthotics and shoe thotics with the orthotic built in. Some of the best shoes we provide are Brooks.  You are invited to schedule a consultation at our office about foot problems and our orthotics and shoes. ~ Dr. Clay.

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