Why does my neck hurt in the mornings?

Do you feel well rested and ready to start your day each morning? If not, the answer could be that your pillow doesn’t fit you correctly.  One pillow doesn’t work for everyone and there are so many to choose from it can be difficult knowing which one to get. First off, we are not a fan of memory foam pillows or donut pillows and most people get rid of them after awhile. Your pillow should support your neck and not raise your head to much above your shoulders when your sleeping on your back. If you are a side sleeper, the pillow should support the middle of the lateral side of your Cervicals. Your neck should be in alignment with the rest of your spine even if your a side sleeper.  One of the pillows we offer is a adjustable water pillow that can be made thinner or thicker to fit the person using it. Other choices we have are the latex pillows that are designed to support the neck and are soft and comfortable. We would recommend that you stop by our office and try one of these out for yourself and start waking up feeling rested.

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