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We treat neck and back pain to get you back in action in Cabot Arkansas. Our treatments are intense and effective for many conditions and injuries. Dr. Clay Gross gets to the cause of the injury and applies appropriate therapies to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We do not set up treatment plans for weeks and months at a time, we believe that the patient’s condition determines how long it takes to heal from an injury, not your insurance policy. The majority of our patients treatment plans are short, effective and return the patient to pre-injury status as soon as possible. We never ask how many treatments your insurance pays for, because we treat each person as an individual and our goal is to help them return to the way they were quickly. Normally the more severe the injury is the longer it takes, such as a auto accident may take longer to recover from that someone that rolled over in bed and tweeked their back.

Most people are interested in how to prevent further injuries and how to become more flexible and stronger. These patients are active in their treatments and improve quicker than people those that don’t help themselves as much. ¬†That’s why I have always said that Grace Chiropractic Center has the best patients!

Some of the common misconceptions are that a muscle relaxer causes muscles to relax. Most muscles relaxers are a form of sedative that mostly makes people sleepy, drowsy and slow. Pills don’t move bones, relax muscles, align joints, fix or heal tendons/ligaments. In fact some injections can cause tissues to become more brittle and cause the risk of ruptures to increase. We are not against medications when needed, however they haven’t had a good history for bio-mechanical injuries and opioid pain killers have been a disaster to peoples lives.


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