This is the beginning of anything you want

This is a short story about one of our awesome patients . She is a encourager, motivator, and a inspiration to so may people. I wanted to highlight this wonderful lady and let others know what is possible. Since this article was written, she is now  3 lbs away from breaking a world record for deadlifts in her age range. I am so proud of her for the dedication, the drive and inner fire she has. She is a pleasure to know and work with.

This is the beginning of anything you want. Then I turned 60 yrs old, I had the opportunity to join a gym. I was quickly hooked. I went 5 days a week, faithfully. Then a co-worker challenged me to take my treadmill work to the streets. Over the next few years I ran in 11 different 5K races. Winning 1st place in my age bracket in all but one, when I took a 2nd place trophy. My best time was 9:20 per mile. I found that I liked lifting weights, so I worked in some strength training.  In 2016, our local gym had a power lifting meet. The total of 3 lifts are recorded, the squat, bench press and deadlift. I did well enough to want to continue. I have a wonderful coach who has motivated me all along my journey. My weight numbers have gone up, in one years time from 475 to 530 .  Dr. Gross has kept my back in working order.  Now, at age 69 I realize “Anything is possible!

Anything can be accomplished!

Anything is do-able!

Anything can be modified!

Anything is better than nothing!

What is your anything?

Grace Chiropractic Center

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