Therapy Ball Traction Device at Grace Chiropractic Center


The simple therapy ball is a great way to stretch, strengthen and add flexibility to not only the spine but also the hips, thighs, shoulders and pelvis. We  incorporate a  number of these activities with each treatment depending on the area of concern. The big ball as it’s known, is a great tool because it’s almost impossible to cause damage or make any condition worse. It can however be a major part of daily home therapy including: Spinal traction of the upper, mid and lower spine. This tool is a cost effective method to improve pain free mobility, range of motion and rehab for any age. The levels of difficulty can be from very easy to quite strenuous depending on what the goal is. Balance is another attribute that can be learned with time and practice for elderly, athletes, MS patients and stroke patients. We give many patients handouts of descriptions of each pose or position that they need to work on at home after they have performed it in the office.




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