The Chiropractor’s Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas

In order to help every spine to get back in action with their neck and back pain, I also have a chiropractor. We have treated over 13 chiropractors at our office in Cabot and all of them are from outside of Cabot Arkansas. In addition to treating other Chiropractors, we see a number of massage therapist, hospital administrators, fitness center owners, athletes playing golf, track, football, baseball, basket ball, cheerleaders and Cabot school district teachers. If there was one area that we have become know for, it would be treating ladies during pregnancy, auto injuries and our military personnel at the Little Rock Air Force Base. One of the questions I get asked a lot is “can I adjust myself?” The answer is no.  Another question is what do you treat? Basically, we treat mechanical issue-ligament, tendons, muscle, joints, nerves. However, many times those mechanical problems can cause non-mechanical symptoms such as: Headaches, stress, unable to rest/sleep, feeling well generally and fatigue.   We take an approach that is based on orthopedic tests, observation and evaluation. We do not ask how many office visits your insurance pays for or what services they cover, how much your deductible is, what is your co-pay and who is your insurance. Our treatments are based on what we determine would help resolve your symptoms/injuries the quickest. We also co-treat patients with neurologist, spinal surgeons and other doctors. Our goal is not to become the largest or most popular, but the BEST, and we work at it 5 days a week.

Dr. Clay Gross


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